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carpenters music reno kietzkePickups and dropoffs can be made inside of Carpenter’s Music World in Reno at 1090-B Kietzke Lane. If you need to meet with Jim personally to evaluate your instrument and get an estimate, Jim is available at the same location on Thursdays between 1pm and 4pm.



rain tribute music“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with Jim Anderson back in the early 90″s. Being a professional musician I’ve acquired select instruments throughout my career. I can tell you that Jim is the only one that I trust them to. Whether it be a set-up or an extensive cosmetic issue, you won’t find a better craftsman to handle the job. If you want the ABSOLUTE BEST care for your investment, give Mr. Anderson a call. You’ll never regret the refret!”

–Joey Curatolo –RAIN –A Tribute to the Beatles


quality workI am not a luthier, but an Instrument Repairman. This means that all of my techniques developed over 40 years are specifically refined for repair and maintenance. I have learned under some of the best – and I have trained some of the best. When you bring your instrument to me you will get an honest evaluation and a fair price. I love what I do. We at Notorious Guitar Hospital hope that you’ll consider us first for any instrument repairs!

Services Offered

I use state-of-the-art techniques and tools and fully guarantee my work. Your instrument will be handled with care, precision and attention to detail.

Oftentimes, people only come to me after they have tried diligently to repair / setup their instrument using methods available on the internet. Frequently these methods don’t work without the proper tools and techniques. We have everything necessary to bring the instrument back into top working order.

After your instrument has been repaired, it will be tuned and returned to you in excellent playing condition.

We offer complete refrets, which usually involves sanding the fretboard down perfectly flat. Your choice of fretwire. All crowns and ends are expertly tooled which produce an excellent playing experience.
Adjusting a truss rod must be done considering the desired playing tension and string guage. If you have tried and failed to adjust your truss rod and action, bring your instrument in and we will make it right again
Most cracks can be repaired. I use many different methods depending on the location and severity of the crack. Once repaired, the integrity is just as strong as it was before there was any damage.

Fret levelling, dressing and crowning…. you’ve probably heard these terms. Well, this can be that last procedure that really takes the playability of an instrument to a whole other level.

Having a properly fitted and refined saddle and nut can absolutely make or break the playability of any instrument. I use methodology developed from over 40 years on the bench to optimize the resonance and harmonic content of your instrument.
Quirky tuners, faulty posts and gears, rusty hard to turn … sound familiar? Refitting your instrument with high-grade tuners can do wonders for sustain and tuning stability. Don’t settle for cheap tuners on an instrument that you value.


from happy customers

Jim has worked miracles on 2 of my most cherished vintage guitars. His expertise is beyond any I have seen with his decades of knowledge. The repairs are absolutely undetectable and the playability is perfect. He set the guitar up to play in addition to performing the repair. I recommend Jim at the Notorious Guitar Hospital without reservation. He is the best of the best!!

Charlie Brockus

Jim is the best at what he does. I have learned a lot over the years about instrument construction and maintenance from him. There is nowhere else I will take my instruments, period.

John Klaussen


I have been to many places in many states over the years for guitar repair jobs. I have never found a shop with as much skill and precision as Notorious Guitar Hospital. You think your instrument is beyond repair? Think again! Bring your guitar to them and you will NOT be sorry.

Colin O'Ray

DogWood Live

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