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Michael Stander
Regus Group

I bought my Gretsch 3100 historic series around the turn of the millennium. It was my first real guitar purchase and my only guitar for a long time. I didn't know how to truly take care of a guitar at that time and over the years the guitar had some issue. I took the guitar to probably 4 different people who just basically fix some of the fret buzz but it would always come back. I found Jim and got some amazing advice about how to buy an electric guitar. I then then thought that I should bring my Gretsch to him. If anyone could get it back in shape it was Jim. By this time I had basically given up on that guitar. I had other guitars so I didn't think about it much. So I brought it into Jim and he gave me the full rundown on what I needed to do. It was going to cost a bit but he said there was no pressure. He just wanted to give me his true opinion of what the guitar needed. It needed serious fret repair, nut work and bridge work. I thought about it and I just felt such a strong trust in Jim that I told him to do everything he thought was right. I have now had the guitar back for a few weeks. I have completely fallen in love with my Gretsch again. It plays better now than the day I bought it. I would put it up against a guitar 3 times the price. My Gretsch is now my most prized guitar. People like Jim don't come along very often. He is an artist. As I am writing this I am in the process of have Jim work on my 50th anniversary squire strat. I can't wait to see what he can do with that guitar. I can't thank Jim enough or recommend him enough. We are lucky to have him working on our guitars.

Mark Terrano

I brought my Martin guitar to Jim for an intonation issue. I initially believed this issue to be associated with the prior replacement of the bridge (work performed by someone other than Jim). Jim welcomed the work, but wanted to perform inspection prior to disclosing exactly what needed to be completed in order to make this instrument perform the way I knew it could.

Turns out there were several issues. The bridge itself was of incorrect construction for this instrument, there was need for fret work, the saddle did not sit properly in the bridge, a new saddle was needed and some detail work on the bridge pin holes was needed as well. All of these issues were present when the intonation problem reared it's head, however these required adjustments were not brought up at all by the repairman that did the original bridge replacement Jim proceeded to utilize the bridge, customizing it for proper set up, detailing the bridge pin holes for new bone bridge pins, slotting the pin holes for correct string placement and tension, cutting and detailing a new bone saddle, and leveled, dressed, crowned and polished the frets. The neck was adjusted as well...I can honestly say there is no white noise coming from this instrument, and harmonics and sustain abound. It has never sounded better or played easier, at all registers of the neck. Don't kid yourself. Jim is a master at guitar repair. If you have any issues with your instrument, don't hesitate to contact Jim. He will return it better than new.

Gary Stutz

I have a 1967 Gibson 335 that I have owned since 1974. I took the guitar to another shop for a fret job and was not happy with the way it turned out. Jim redid the frets, fixed a crack in the neck, a ding on the fretboard, replaced the nut and set the guitar up to play better than it has in years. He is a true craftsman, with the skills acquired from decades of experience. More important is his integrity. He would not let the guitar out of his shop until it was done right. I would not trust my guitars to anyone else, and will be taking my Stratocaster and Les Paul to him.

I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with Jim Anderson back in the early 90"s. Being a professional musician I've acquired select instruments throughout my career. I can tell you that Jim is the only one that I trust them to. Whether it be a set-up or an extensive cosmetic issue, you won't find a better craftsman to handle the job. If you want the ABSOLUTE BEST care for your investment, give Mr. Anderson a call. You'll never regret the refret!

Oscar Wichman

What was wrong: This Guild was simply worn out and what a wonderful thing when you think about it. The fret board was worn in up to 1/8” deep, the frets were worn flat anywhere a common chord was played, the strings buzzed, molding along the neck was missing in places and the neck was warped. The instrument was worn to the point that it was essentially no longer playable. I am not the guy that “talks guitars”, I’m the guy that sits down and plays the thing and if it can’t stand work, it can’t stand me. I’ve had this old Guild for about 30 years and after Jim worked over a low end Takamine for me, with amazing results I must say, I pitched him the Guild to see what could be done with it.

What I got back: A friend in Jim Anderson. In my opinion this is the most important. AND My old workhorse of a guild plays like new. Jim had to take the neck and strip it down to about nothing and start over which is amazing in itself. I am pleased all the way around with the way it plays again and have recommended Jim to others as he is an old workhorse himself. The way I see things, this is high praise.

Music: Attached is a short recording of my picking style (if you could call it that). What I hear when I listen to it is; 1.) Most of the neck is in use, and 2.) At times I’m really banging away on the strings. To me this is important, as problems like string buzzing show up in a hurry when you ask the instrument to put “it” out there. I hope Jim can use this information and the attached clip to get the point across and has my express permission to do so if he wishes.

Linda Melvin

First of all, let me tell you that the best thing I did was bring my mandolin to Jim Anderson. I brought it to him to adjust the action, but after looking it over he found so much more he could do with it to make this mandolin sound and play to the best of its capability. His expertise and attention to detail is outstanding. And what I got back was a beautiful sounding instrument and playing like butter! Jim is wonderful to deal with, gets the job done in a very timely manner, and takes great pride in his work. He told me every step of the way what he was going to do and why. I got quite an education! Thank you so much, Jim.

Jesse Baker

I bought my Martin dsr-gc a few years ago and it started going haywire. It didn't cost thousands of dollars so i was gonna give up on it. Then Jim said this is what you need, you let should let me fix it. After putting it off for so long i finally broke down and let him have at it. Now i play brand new martin guitars and like mine better. It has never played or sounded so good. If i knew how good it would be i would of had him set it up years ago. I love my guitar again. Thanks Jim. Your truly a master of your craft.

Charlie Brockus

Jim has worked miracles on 2 of my most cherished vintage guitars. His expertise is beyond any I have seen with his decades of knowledge. The repairs are absolutely undetectable and the playability is perfect. He set the guitar up to play in addition to performing the repair. I recommend Jim at the Notorious Guitar Hospital without reservation. He is the best of the best!!

John Klaussen

Jim is the best at what he does. I have learned a lot over the years about instrument construction and maintenance from him. There is nowhere else I will take my instruments, period.

Colin O'Ray

I have been to many places in many states over the years for guitar repair jobs. I have never found a shop with as much skill and precision as Notorious Guitar Hospital. You think your instrument is beyond repair? Think again! Bring your guitar to them and you will NOT be sorry.